INMOTION design and features

INMOTION is the only SCV that talks to you.

The unique voice prompt function makes controlling the SCV simple and direct.

Even children can easily enjoy riding it through voice prompts. You can replace the default hint sounds with your voice or music you loved.

Tubeless Tires

The use of tubeless tires not only improves the shock-absorbing effect, but also reduces the tire weight.

The multi-layer fiber dissection techniques of tubeless tires enhance the tire wear resistance. The design of five-strip wheel hub makes you INMOTION SCV look stylish and reduces air drag while driving.

Turning Shaft

Magnesium alloy makes the turning shaft lighter, tougher and more elegant.

The slip resistant rubber grip on the shaft makes gives greater comfort for daily carrying. For your convenience, we have created the telescopic Shaft and a Quick Release Lock, allowing you to fold the INMOTION SCV and put it into car trunk or anywhere you want it to be.

Intelligent and sensitive footboard

Powered by high-precision pressure sensing technology, the INMOTION SCV can precisely detect the spot where your foot step on and analyze whether you have stepped both feet on thus it can act differently.

The footboard can also give feedback force to your feet if you are driving too fast. These smart designs are all for you driving safety and driving pleasure.


The SmarKey is powerful and exquisite with a sleek sport car streamline design.

With three buttons and a fine display it realizes over 20 functions and provides you great visual information. All the fun you can control now is in your hands.

Dazzling and sharp info LED

The new generation info LED is well integrated in the INMOTION SCV.

You will be amazed to see the information pop up when you start to drive your INMOTION SCV. The animated icons show you all necessary information and bring you extra joy while driving.

SCV Body

With the meticulous design and perfect industrial cutting, INMOTION SCV is simple and elegant.

Every millimeter of the body streamline was designed, engineered and built with extreme of life aesthetics. Multiple colors and customization are available to you, and your personal choice will make your INMOTION SCV a delight to drive.

Efficient and safe Battery Pack

The INMOTION SCV Lithium-ion Battery Pack is removable and changeable, it provides strong charge and recollects and stores power during driving.

The advanced battery management technology ensures a safe drive and a longer cruising distance.

Short Introduction